Custom Poster Design

From several photos

Délai de livraison estimé 7 semaines.


The posters in the "Create my poster" collection are personalised posters, which are created from a description and several photos.

We use them to reproduce the faces, haircuts and accessories if there are any.
For the rest, we take care of everything, from the staging to the harmony of the poster, nothing is left to chance.
We do a lot of work to find through your description and your photos
the attitudes, gestures, tenderness, so that this portrait is unique and true to what your family is!

An overview of the families already created

AdobeStock_368880153 2

Any questions?

01 - Can I see my model before printing?

Yes, each poster will be previewed for your approval before printing. We like to make sure that your portraits are just like you.

02 - How long does it take to create?

Le délai de livraison estimé est de 7 semaines.

03 - Il y a t-il plusieurs modèles ?

Il n’y a pas de modèle, chaque illustration est unique et à votre image.
Nous sommes à votre écoute et réalisons votre famille avec harmonie et émotion.

04 - Can I add animals?

Oui ! Les animaux font partie de la Famille, vous avez la possibilité d’ajouter jusqu’à 6 animaux différents. Au besoin nous pouvons ajouter des possibilités supplémentaires.

05 - How many people maximum?

Today the system is designed for 35 people. If necessary we can add more possibilities.

06 - How to organize for large families?

You will find a "Relationship" field on each person to be personalised.

You also have the possibility to make a kind ofFamily Tree on paper and tosend it to uswhen ordering in the photo reference field or to
. It is a simple support which allows us not to make mistakes when creating and placing the people on the poster.


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