Photo Reproduction

From a single photo

Délai de livraison estimé 7 semaines.


The posters of the "D'après Photo" collection are posters that are made from a single photo. It is a line by line copy of your photo, keeping the positions and with the possibility of making the background or accessories (optional).

Our family, whether by blood or love, is our most precious possession.
It is a priceless feeling that makes us happy.
No matter what happens in life, together we overcome everything.

You have immortalized a strong moment, an unforgettable memory, the reproduction after photo is what you need.

An overview of the families already created


Any questions?

01 - Can I see my model before printing?

Yes, each poster will be previewed for your approval before printing. We like to make sure that your portraits are just like you.

02 - How long does it take to create?

Le délai de livraison estimé est de 7 semaines.

03 - Can I change my pretty picture?

No, the illustration is made according to the photo, we can change colors but we can't tilt a face or detach hair if it's attached for example.

04 - Can I add animals?

Yes! If they are in the initial photo, we include them without a problem, they are part of the family 🙂

05 - How many people maximum?

Today the system is designed for 12 people. If necessary, we can discuss this by e-mail at or by telephone.

06 - Is the quality of the photo important?

So yes, if the photo is too pixelated, it can't be used.

If you have any doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to answer you.